Paid vs Free Antivirus Software – What’s the difference?

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Everyone knows you need a good antivirus software for your computer but not many people want to pay for a good antivirus software. Most people expect the free version of the software will do the job or the use windows defender a free antivirus software that comes with windows.

Well let's dig down into it and find out what is the real difference between paid and free antivirus software.

Let's take a antivirus software that's listed on this site and has both a free and a paid download and look what what the differences are. We will be looking at Panda Free Antivirus Software vs Panda Advanced Protection.

Capture Panda Free

Looking at the above matrix is obvious to see what you get with the free antivirus software compared to the advanced paid protection.

You will get the basic protection for your Windows computer with Real-time updates. Just to clarify in layman's terms, this will stop malware from entering your PC provided Panda has that variant secured.

If you are absolutely against paying for an antivirus software then get this as a minimum.


PANDA Matrix

Looking at the above Product Matrix from Panda you will see the different types of protection layers. Depending on your level of competence should be which level you pick for yourself or family.

Below is from AV-Comparatives an Antivirus Software testing company showing some real word testing.



Our Recommendation:

Antivirus software is about layers of security, the more layers of security you have the harder it is for malware to enter your computer or android device. We would always recommend a paid solution as there are more layers of protection.

If you would like to see more, check out Panda's website 


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