Guess how many new types of  viruses are released each day?

On Average 200,000!

Thats over 8000 per hour, by the time you finish reading this there will have been over 1,300 new  instances of viruses detected in the world.
It makes it hard to keep yourself protected, but not impossible.

Most people know they need antivirus software, but what is it?

What should you be looking for? Can i get it Free?

What else should you do to keep good cyber security practices?

But let's start on what is antivirus software.

What Is Antivirus?

Antivirus software is defined as computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.

There are lots of Antivirus software makers globally, but only less than 10 actually do what would be coincided a good job.

Wait Windows Comes With Built in Antivirus Software and its Free!

Yes it dose, Since 2009 Microsoft Windows has been giving its customer free antivirus software. If you are not running any antivirus software and are not willing to pay then we recommend making sure you use Microsoft Free Windows defender antivirus

OK whats the catch then? Windows defender is free and it comes with Windows 10?

Microsoft is a Operating system company, they make great operating systems that run programs.

Antivirus isn't Microsofts strong suit. Windows defender has come along way from its original release in 2009 under the name Microsoft security essentials however paid antivirus has out performed Microsoft defender.

AV-Test found Defender's zero day virus defense scored 88.1% in Sep-Oct/2016 against an industry average of 98.8%. This is a significant gap, especially for a home user.



30 Days Money Back.

Panda Advanced: Best Antivirus Software 2019

Panda Advanced takes out the editor's award for best Antivirus & best Internet Security Software for 2019. Panda Advanced protects your PC, MAC, android device and iphone. Panda Advanced lets you browse, shop and game with peace of mind. Panda Advanced has a no risk policy, with a 30-day money back guarantee.



The Average Person Owns 3.64 Connected Devices!

Global Webindex found that the average person own's 3.64 connected devices each!

What dose that even mean? A person might have a desktop computer, laptop, Tablet, Phone mac computer and more.

Now the problem with that is each one of those devices needs to be protected, you are only as secure at your weakest link.


Why Do You Need Antivirus?

Antivirus software makes your computer safer by detecting malicious programs on your computer, phone or compatible device. Antivirus software is especially important if you use your computer for: Banking, shopping, social networking and anything where you have personal data stored or sent. Not only does it detect malicious programs, antivirus can also detect malicious websites.

What is the difference between Antivirus Software companies?

Each Antivirus company uses different methods to stop viruses and malware getting onto your computer, some do it better than others. Just like a car manufacture, you might like the way a company makes their car over another manufacture. Because you cant really see Antivirus software, we help customers get the best product for them.

What If I Need Help?

Most Antivirus companies will have a tech support phone number, email support or live chat to help customers use the product or install it. Once you purchase a product you will be able to call the support number for help. Some Companies like Trend Micro offer extra support for things outside of the antivirus product support (this depends on your support contract).

Do Mac's (Apple Computers) Need Antivirus Software?

Mac’s like PC’s (Windows Computers) can get viruses, so you will need antivirus software. There are more viruses made for Windows computers because Windows makes up a larger portion of the market but with Mac computers increasing their market share so have the viruses made for them.

Will I Be Able To Protect My Phone Or Tablet?

Make sure when purchasing an antivirus software you get enough licences for all your mobile phones and tablets.

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